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What to know using 4 wheel drive

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I have a 1999 4 Runner which I will never buy any other 4x4 except a newer 4 Runner. What are the "rules" for using the 4x4 high gear? We had a lot of snow last night and the highways were plowed but not clear completely. There were some wet areas and slush areas, and snowy areas about 1/2"to 1" deep. I was driving about 45-60mph for about 45min to work. How should I handle swiching in and out of 4x4?
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does yours have th option of driving in AWD also. Or is it only low and high 4wd. I know on the limited you ahve this option.

IF you are driving on the highway you will probably be OK. But only use it if you absolutely need it. When you ahve the big problem is when you get into areas where you ahve to make numerous turns. IF it is in 4wd either high or low and the wheels can not slip any, the 4wd system can bind up and the truck will not be steerable. I used to have a 86 4wd truck and would run it in 4wd only if there was snow on the ground and could casue wheel spin if only in 2wd. The system in the newer 4runners is shift on the fly so why not jsut leave it in 2wd until you know you are going to be in an area that you will need it for sure.

REad your owners manual also. It will give you all the scenarios for when to use the 4wd and all taht good stuff.
Switching in and out of 4x4 is no big deal. Just take your foot off the gas and make your selection.
You dont want to drive in 4x4 on dry pavement. If you do, you run the risk of the drivetrain binding and breaking stuff.
Another helpfull trick is when you have to start out from a stop to put the tranny into "2". That forces the tranny to stay in 2nd gear and it lugs the engine a little bit off the line. It helps to reduce wheelspin.
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