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Hi I posted in the gen. area hoping to get some feedback about toyota in gen. Now I wanted some model info on what to look for in an MR2?

What gen ofers the most car/ least computer? I don't want to have to deal with alot of sensors and junk, but if I have to.

what is the bolt pattern and ofset of the stock wheels? How big can you go?

Do they make it in a hardtop with out t's or spyder?

How many tranny options were there?

I guess I would like to stay with first or second gen. Nothing newer then a 91 if that keeps me in that range, (how many gens are there anyway?).

Some of there answers I will find on the search but I will look there later, I have to head to work.

Thanks in advance,

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bolt pattern for MK2s are 5 x 114....91s came with 14 rims stock....93+ came with 15's....u can fit anywhere up to 18s or 19s depending on the offset of the rims but the wider u go...the more likely u will have to roll the fenders....

hardtop mk2s are very rare and sought after....they do come as spyders...but none of them ever made it to north america (theres less than 30 of them in existance but all but two or three of them never left japan).... tranny options....93+ came with factory LSD option....they come in both manual and automatic transmissions....

there are three gens in total......spend some time reading and u'll find that most of the answers are easily found....good luck in ur search for an mk2......
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