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What turbos bolt into my 89 4age?

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Hey guys.....just a random thought.....I have a 89 corolla 4wd wagon......and I want to put a turbo in my 89 I thought maybe I would trade the wagon for turbo and intercooler at the autowreckers.......but what turbos will fit into my GTS which ones are the best....and is this a good idea? Will I be able to just bolt on and go? I wish I knew more about cars..:(
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so nobody knows what turbos will bolt into my car? or you ll just think im stupid?:p:
Thanks man...that helps out a lot.
okay that does seem real simple.....but what is a clip?
Im pretty illiterate on this car stuff still.

Allthough i've been following that other guys GTS monster engine know the noob that wants the most power outta his car without a turbo.
Man I sure have been learning lots that way.
I think once I actually start my mods I'll go that way first.....seems real fuel/air mapping...or figuring out boost......seems like a solid way to learn.

thanks for you impute though.
So with the "clip" you can bolt on the 4agze without any fabricating then right?
Im I getting the idea of what a clip is...basically the front end of the I get it.....
and yes catchy catchy phrase.....
I really want a brand new skyline...thats a sexy fast beast.....I'd love to pull up to the line beside my buddy in his STI on race day with one of those. (but anyways lets keep to the topic)
Hey man I wasnt trying to be was just an easy way to make a reference........I know just about as much as you.
Whoa...umm thats a lot of gze's....can I have one :D

in the bottom picture there..thats a GTS right? what rear lights do you have on that...I'de be curious to see a picture of that.
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