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What turbos bolt into my 89 4age?

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Hey guys.....just a random thought.....I have a 89 corolla 4wd wagon......and I want to put a turbo in my 89 I thought maybe I would trade the wagon for turbo and intercooler at the autowreckers.......but what turbos will fit into my GTS which ones are the best....and is this a good idea? Will I be able to just bolt on and go? I wish I knew more about cars..:(
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Snip3r said:
Allthough i've been following that other guys GTS monster engine know the noob that wants the most power outta his car without a turbo.

You don't hafta rub it in that I'm a noob.....I know I don't know much about this.....but I'm trying to learn......;)
jayboogie said:
LOL yeah i stopped posting in his topics..

That hurts that how you treat all noobs? I'm just trying to learn all I can just like everyone else.....Dick....
Snip3r said:
Hey man I wasnt trying to be was just an easy way to make a reference........I know just about as much as you.

I must apologize then it seemed like you and the other guy were tying to insult me....I truly am sorry....

*edit* what I said was more for jayboogie than you....
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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