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What turbos bolt into my 89 4age?

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Hey guys.....just a random thought.....I have a 89 corolla 4wd wagon......and I want to put a turbo in my 89 I thought maybe I would trade the wagon for turbo and intercooler at the autowreckers.......but what turbos will fit into my GTS which ones are the best....and is this a good idea? Will I be able to just bolt on and go? I wish I knew more about cars..:(
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Whoa...umm thats a lot of gze's....can I have one :D

in the bottom picture there..thats a GTS right? what rear lights do you have on that...I'de be curious to see a picture of that.
car on the left is my MR2...... the 4agze is going into the mr2.... the car on the right is my roommates mx6 with supra tails.... my ae92 sr5 (which already has a very good running smallport 4age in it) isn't in those pictures
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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