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If I were to go to my local muffler shop and tell him
I wanted the exhaust upgraded on my 83 22r, what would I tell him? I know that I might just do 2" ( based on what was said on my carb thread) and run it into a performance muffler. But if I might have to wait to do headers so would I just tell him to run a 2" exhaust strait back into a muffler and then back? The thing that really stinks is that I should have done this when I had a brand new exhaust put on last week but it's just a stock sized exhaust.

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its all flow....

if you're going for performance, you need to start at the header, and at least stay the size of the collector on out...

mine's 2 1/4 all the way out...i don't know if thats too small, but it sounds good, goes good and works..

in your case, putting a header on would be helpful, but you're going to choke it down a little bit into your new exhaust...however, a header is much less restrictive than the stock manifold.

so its all up to you buddy
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