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What weight and brand oil should I use?

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I have a 1994 toyota pickup v6 3.0 with about 260,000 kms. What weight oil should I be using and what is your recomended brand?
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Whats the weather like? How far do you drive on average? How much are you willing to spend on oil?
i run good synthetic 5w30 year round. at operating temp, it has the same lubricative properties as 10w30, but is easier on the motor for startup, as it's less viscous when cold.

currently, i'm running mobile1, however, i'll be switching to castrol for my next change. i also use an excessively large oil filter. :) (M1 303 if i remember correctly)

i go 10k miles before changes, with a filter change at 5k miles.
On the topic of large oil filters...just don't.

read this thread:

There's plenty more info if you do a search.
mobil1's have an anti drainback valve. ;) trust me, i do lots of research before i do anything.

there's also some bad info in that thread...
i run kendall 5-30 synthetic blend in mine and on the subject of large oil filters, ive been using a ford filter on mine. I was told its better, my friend runs it on his crawler and ever other yota he has, is it a bad idea?
ok well i cant advocate everything in the thread but i don't think its a great idea to run large filters unless they have the anti drainback valve, which most ppl dont. Alot of folks are using the Fram PH8A or PH43 and their equivalents. Maybe a 90 degree adaptor would fix this...

I only run conventional oil because I would rather change it more often than let it go. I hardly put 5000 miles on my truck every year and a lot of my trips are city driving with a freeway trip once or twice a month. Generally with my "severe use" my oil/filter gets changed every 2500 miles or 6-8 months.

Also it averages 70-80 degrees in So. Cal so running a thicker oil is my pref. In the summer it gets above 100 in the valleys so 10W-40 is a good compromise for me. All my other cars with less than 100K miles get 5W/10W-30.
My bro's (both of them) and my dad use Amsoil. They use 5w-40 or something like that and they change there oil once a year! It costs them cheaper than my regular oil changes but I always tend to shy away from Fram or Supertech. I usually get a wix or a motorcraft for my old ford...and then for my Toyota...well I have only changed it once and forgot. I will be using amsoil too once I get my truck fixed. My brother uses a bypass oil filter for his honda...for extra protection on the highway of course. He only drives 2 miles per
big oil

I read in the Tampa paper yesterday about Exxon or Mobil getting record profits ,bigger then any U.S. company ever in history,Its funny how they screw the people with these gas and oil prices ,but say its not them its the middle east,but they make record profits...I think my next oil change Ill switch to Amisoil or Lucas , because they are smaller company's , both with great oil.
mobil1's have an anti drainback valve. ;) trust me, i do lots of research before i do anything.

there's also some bad info in that thread...
shaeff, how do I find out if it has that anti drainback valve? look inside?
I use Bosch filters and Castrol Oil.
In Nova Scotia where it gets cold in winter most people use 5W30 in winter (to make morning starts easier) and 10W30 in summer,most threads I have read in past say most folks who got high miles in their Toyotas used any ordinary oil that meets ASE (I think) and I assume most or all do. Synthetic is only needed under extreme conditions.

About oil filters it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that most Toyota 4-Runner & pickup owners use an oil filter that has an anti-drain back valve so that during initial start ups oil pressure build up quickly to quickly apply pressure to the hydraulically operated timing chain tensioner to avoid the chain from rubing against the brown plastic/nylon driver's side timing chain guide (dampener) which when worn through will rub against the timing cover causing the water bypass passage to spill radiatior coolant into the oil and serious problems arise like destroying your engine begining with crank bearings.

I usually ignore storing in my computer which brands of other market oil filters have an anti-drain back valve and regret it now because as you know Toyota parts in Canada cost a fortune and every single dealership in Canada has the exact same price down to a penny. I recently purchased parts from this Rentom,Washngton,USA based Toyota dealership which has the best prices in USA and probably the whole world: (For USA customers:10% shipping by Fed Ex or free shipping with $100 & over speak to Roger at 1-888-271-3948)

Roger in an awesome guy who took my order last week for spark plug wires,distributor cap and rotor.I should of purchased an air filter,fuel filter and some oil filters,if you speak to him tell him Sidney from Dartmouth sent you,you can look up pricing on their website.The other 2 dealerships below have almost as good prices too but I included them because most other USA based Toyota dealerships charge more. (free shipping with $100 & up) (1-888-381-0623)

I know you have a 3 liter V6 Toyota engine but they use the same oil filter so choose an oil filter with an anti-drain back valve.

Sidney® ™
Repairs TV's,VCR's,home/car audio out of my apartment
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
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If the engine is spec'd to have an oil filter with a anti-drainback valve then all the aftermarket filter's you're likely to run into will have one as well. A good resource for find out oil filter specifications can be found on Wix's website -

There are two materials used for anti-drainback valves - nitrile (looks like black rubber) and silicone. Silicone anti-drainback valves often are colors such as red, orange, blue.
The advantage to silicone is that it stays pliable in cold weather and doesn't get hard over time like nitrile does.
thanks for all the useful info everyone. I ended up buying a fram CPH8A oil filter. Does anyone know if this is equiped with an anti- drain back valve?
Part Number PH8A

Zoom PH8A.jpg
Product TypeFull-Flow Lube Spin-on

Anti-Drain Valve YES Product Height 5.14" Product I.D. 3/4-16 Th'd Product O.D. 3.8" Relief Valve Setting PSI12
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never use fram filters. do some research, guys- fram filters have pretty much the worst filtering capabilities out of all of them. even wal-mart supertech filters are better.

even their "good" filters are junk. i run nothing but mobile 1 or wix. (napa gold is also wix).
I run Bosch filters and Castrol highmileage in my truck.
Ya I second that, FRAM filters are crap.
Most any oil filter you run into will say it meets or exceeds OEM requirements, or words to that effect. Should a filter fail in service the company that manufactured it is on the hook for the cost to repair the damage it caused. The filter company will not honor the claim though if you used a filter not spec'd for the application. That's a risk you take when choosing a larger size filter.
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