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What would be better for an 91 SW

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I'm really big on doing drifting and autocross events, and the 5sfe just isn't doing it for me, and I really want to stay NA for now. I've heard a lot of talk on the 5sge, but I heard things about it not being too good at high revs, so I want your opinion on what would be good, building a 5sge or doing a 3sge swap.
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Money is kind of an issue for me so i picked through i have the money to afford either building the 5sge or swaping for a 3sge that's why I was wondering the opinion
its gonna cost more to build the 5s-fe than anything... there isn't alot of performance support and everything has to be custom made...
i think the camery v6 swap would be better for auto crossing, no turbo lag, more low end power, and cheaper to swap, from what i hear.
This sounds really interesting, can you guys give me more info on this V6 swap thing?
There was a beams engine on ebay a couple of weeks ago. I can't remember how much it was, but it was tempting.
lol only real way to go if you dont want a huge hassle kinda alot of moey but well worth it seen alot of japanease parts to upgrade it to.
Hey Man...I honestly don't know what the 5sfe feels like, but I do know how the 3SGE is like very well. I just bought a 3SGE motored MR2 in the middle of december and it is awesome.

It's a stock motor with Haltech standalone (overkill for now,..)

it's set to run pretty rich, but the guy before me had it programed that way to kep it more reliable. He autocrossed it for two seasons in the SCCA and got 4th and 5th racing against some pretty stout competion. It is only 137hp, but it is incredibly responsible and has a nice broad upper range power from 4 to 7 grand. When I drift in parkin lots its just a matter of drivin up to 4 grand in second gear lettin off, and slammin the gas and she swings purttty.

I'm still new to MR2s but if you want to go 3SGE I can get you loads of pics of mine to help you out
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