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what would you do in this situation?

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almost 2 weeks ago, I bought a intake and exhaust from a member on this board. I spent $330 and still no intake or exhaust. I have tried emailing him and PMing him on this site. I did use paypal to purchase everything also. I don't know what else to do now. like I said it has been almost 2 weeks now since i sent him the money.
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If the Paypal transaction hasn't been completed just cancel it.
the problem is it has been. they have already taken the $330 out of my bank account
I think you can report it to Paypal but i don't know if they can get your money back. See if you can get the sellers info though. Has he read your emails?
who is the member... thats not even cool
So, it has been 2 weeks since the seller has contacted you?

Only then would I take the next step of reporting to Paypal about not receiving the goods purchased. They will put the transaction up for questioning for you and seller to communicate, then you have the choice of escalating it to a claim dispute and have the Paypal people investigate. The money you sent is automatically returned to you and deducted from the seller's account until the dispute is closed either by you or Paypal.

This is to the best of my knowledge, I didnt even look at Paypal to get this info right now so this will just give you an idea of what you can do.
who is it?
me, GTR and punks will go set things straight...
GTR to the rescue!!!

Who is this SOB? Imma bitchslap 'em until you get your money back!!! Ya hear me?!?!

DNA, you got my back right? ;)
Contact Admin (Dana_15) and give him the info and the persons screen name (unless it's mine :lol: kidding) But go through paypal...this is a buyer beware kind of TN can't really do anything for you.
i would still like to know who it is so i don't deal with them.
i would still like to know who it is so i don't deal with them.
Let Admin handle it. Might just be a misunderstanding.
paypal won't refund your money, if you use your credit card then you can do a charge back, file a dispute with your credit card company.
But they will go after the person that received the payment. ;)
Call your credit card company, have them do a charge back and you're done.
What method did you use for payment?
Did you not get a phone number from them?
Are you and the seller both verified paypal accounts?
When you file a dispute the money is withheld by paypal, you won't get it back and the sellers account will have a negative balance or have the funds automatically withdrawn from their account. Won't hurt to file.
paypal will try their best to return your money from their own pockets.... IF the contact that you dealt with, doesn't cooperate with them.
I told you Paypal will help. ;)
paypal is not going return money out of their pocket, i got rip off before, they told me they are going to try their best to get the fund back, but they never did, screw them, pay with a credit card on paypal is the best and safe way.
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