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what year camry's come with what engines? and what uses more 3sgte parts?

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I am kinda new to camry's, but not toyota's, the 2nd gen which is 88? to 92? have the 3sfe? and the 3rd gen 93-96? come with 5sfe? I have an mr2 with 3sgte, i was wondering which one is more compatible with 3sgte parts since i have alot to spare, the 3sfe or 5sfe? i would like to build the motor without too much money into it for now, so whichever one i could use more of the parts i have, i have an extra 3sgte head, ex mani, turbo, oil &coolant lines, dp, pistons, block, rods, pretty much all of the main parts, im not looking for anything ridiculous out of it, but i want to make it run pretty decent:D sorry for the rookie post, i tried searching but didnt come up with much, thanks for the info. Justin