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What years are compatible?

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What years are compatible with a 2000 Toyota Tundra body? I need parts due to a accident.
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Pretty sure the body panels didn't really change from 2000-2006.
Check out and you can probably find most of what you need not too far from your home. Also their site is a good reference to get answers about what your concerned with since some parts maybe and some not so much. giant puzzle!
Good chance you can even find what ya need in white :)
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2000-2004 are the compatible years fer yer Access cab. In 2005, it was wider and longer. ;)

Length2000-04 Access Cab: 217.5 in (5,524 mm)
2005-06 Access Cab: 218.3 in (5,545 mm)
Double Cab: 230.1 in (5,845 mm)
Width75.2 in (1,910 mm)
Double Cab & Limited: 79.3 in (2,014 mm)
Limited Double Cab: 79.7 in (2,024 mm)
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