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Whatdo you recommend.

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What do you guys recommend for Oil cleaners, Gas Treament, and fuel injector cleaners? Ive used STP, but maybe you all can recommend another brand youve had succes with.
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i use Wynns Spitfire, found that to be quite good... although it is really up to you and your personal choice.
I personally use Gumout Complete Fuel System cleaner and it makes a noticeable difference in driving but there fuel injector cleaner works good too.;)
i use engine restore for fuel and oil. and it's been working great for me
i use berryman chemtool every other fillup and it works great. my car seems to run much smoother when i put it in. i used it all the time in my '84 saab 900t and when i disassembled the engine to re seal it, the combustion chambers and pistons were very clean. the valves had no carbon buildup on them and the car had 240k mi. on it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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