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What's in "Auto-Rx"?

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I was looking at

and someone was singing the praises of Auto Rx (a flushing product). According to a lot of people this stuff is such a good sludge dissolver/cleaner that it can do everything except overhaul your engine from the inside.

I'm willing to accept that maybe there IS a product that actually does what it claims but my question is this - What is auto rx? Does anybody know the answer :confused: ?
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Sounds like a simple additive, ask them..??
Well, here's their website...
Thanks for the link 07XLE but it doesnt say anything about the chemical except that it has "lanolin esters" in it - specifically "Natralube 1006, a natural occurring ester chemical formula developed by the Fanning Corp." - whatever that is.

The whole point of this is im trying to figure out what this miracle chemical is and whether it can be had for less that $25/12 oz.! Seems like it's probably not a bad idea for any used engine BUT - it is pricey. And i have tried almost every oil additive, PTFE product and flush and every single one promised miracles but none have ever delivered on their promises yet (to me). And in fact most of the product claims were ultimately proven to be more or less fraudulent anyway!!!! (Slick 50 for one.)
So i'd be willing to try it but probably not at this price. (When it came out about 20 years ago, i distinctly remember that Slick 50 was 50 bucks a bottle. Anybody priced it lately?)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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