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First off THANK YOU so much for reading my listing and I hope helping me out here

I am new to the forum but plan to contribute as often as I can.

I just got hold of a 2016 stolen recovered Scion TC, the poor car was abused by the crooks, not a problem I can fix most of the cosmetic issues like multiple cigarette burns in to the dash but there are some things missing under the hood.

It looks like they have had the valve cover off as its missing several bolts and the timing chain cover is loose as it has a gap as shown in the pictures.

The last picture is me trying to show there are some small metal flakes that have settled below the camchain inspection cover.

The parts missing seem to be the camshaft inspection cover, Crankshaft pulley, something that has 2 bolts and bolts to the chassis I believe something oil related? the square timing chain cover, I believe a belt tensioner? HELP Please :)

I would love to know whats missing and if possible with part numbers and a guess as to why they would do this,, whats the purpose? I am at a lose end here, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me

Any help is greatly appreciated
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