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Whats needed for 4A to 3S swap

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Hi Guys,

I wonder what do I need when swapping a 3S engine into a 4A car?
Excluded all the hardware, I'm talking about the engine mounts.

Do I need to replace the engine mount holders on the car side?
Or can I put the 4A mounts from my 4A engine on the 3S engine?
Or just buy new 4A mounts and put them on a 3S engine?

I know its better to put in a 4A engine anyway.
But im checking my options about the engine mounts, because thats the hardest part.

Oh, and do I also need to change the gearbox mounts and stuff?
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You need to cut the mount on chassis and weld it back to fit 3S mount location. There are a few ST with 3S-GTE so someone can give you more detail.
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