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Hi there, we live in Norway and have just purchased our first Toyota, a 2007 Avensis Diesel, with a little over 100000 on the clock.

We decided on this model after repeated frustrations with the electrics on a 2001 Vw Golf estate- we looked up which car had statistically the lowest number of problems, and here we now are, a new (for us anyway) car and a new baby, we are very happy with the baby and reasonably happy with the car. We have recently had a new engine put into it, somewhat supported by Toyota here so the cost was greatly reduced.

First question, what is that little green light on the instrument panel, right in the middle, looking like two blinking indicator(?) lights? I have search widely but have found no answer. Please see linked image below.

Secondly, should there be a sort of ticking noise from the engine? ....mostly heard when accelerating.
It has always been there, we took the car to Toyota for a check (I though water pump) and they said "...needs new engine..." I fell of my chair.
Some time later....after much hair out pulling and a little loan from parents.. we got the car back from Toyota, the noise was still present.
The coolant level was low, I topped up the coolant and the noise is reduced.
The dealership said they have changed the coolant/water pump , not sure this ticking type noise is related, could be coincidence.

Thanks in advance for any help

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