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what's that noise?

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My 81' celica has made a kind of squeeking noise ever since I got it. At first i thought it was a loose belt but now that they are tight the sound is still there and has gotten worse. Listening carefully and watching the pulleys I noticed my fan pulley wobbles alittle every time the sound occurs, the sound isn't really a squeel, it's almost a higher frequency rattle, I'm thinking it might be the bearing on that pulley. Anyone else dealt with this sort of thing? Do you think it's the bearing or something else? and how hard is a bearing to fix? thanks for any help.
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it does sound like a bearing. you can get a repair manual for about 15 that would have pictures and what not on how to do it, it make lots of work easier for anything. but you can try and use a bar of soap and rub it against the belt and see if helps anything.
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