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What's the best OIL for my 89 GT????

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What's the best oil to put in my 89 GT? I live in Idaho and we have cold winters, so what's the best in the summer and the winter?

Real quick, too. I got my passenger side CV axle replaced and a thorough 4-wheel alignment done, but when I accelerate it pulls the car to the left and I don't know what it is. Is there something I could adjust or do to fix the problem??
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torque steer...and no, there is nothing you can do for it. as for oil, if you are a blended oil fan i would say a 5w30 in winter. depends on the temp of summer there on the grade id use in summer.

im not a blended oil fan, so i use a straight 30w oil in my 88.
Howdy neighbor.... Use synthetic. The colder it gets the lighter the oil you should use. IMO 20w50 would be good for winter.
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