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whats the best repair manual?

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just bought an 81 celica coupe. What repair manual should I get?
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I think a lot of people will recommend Haynes and Chilton's manuals.

You can also get a manual from Toyota:

Toyota Service Publications
750 West Victoria St.
Compton, CA 90220-5538

1(800) 622-2033

Expensive (I think) but very worth it, and they have all the manuals you will ever need.
Haynes SUX! get Chilton!! more detail info! :thumbup:
I always studied the Chilton's. Back when I was a dumb car girl, I sat down and figured out some problems on the 'vette with Chilton's. :thumbup:
Flashmn said:
Neither, get the factory workshop manual.
I agree. I have a factory shop manual and it is the size of a phone book. Seeing how my Haynes is about 1/4 the size you can see the difference in how much is covered.
i got the haynes and chiltons manual i use one to help the other but i do plan on getting the factory manual.
I've got Hayne's, and wish I had Chilton's. Unless you're on a budget, get the factory repair manual.
factory manual cost $70 :thumbdown I got a chiltons manual for $8 shipped. thanks for the advice though, if anyone knows where I can get a factory manual for cheaper let me know.
Even if you're on a budget, get the factory manual. It will pay for itself over and over. The troubleshooting information is so much better than anything else.... You can go to and join up for one day and download the entire manual if you want, and that would be cheaper than buying one. That's what I did. I just print out what I need now. Since you're an 81, it might be unavailable online, though. Can't remember how far back they go.
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