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94 Corolla
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Thought I'd introduce myself, been lurking the A/V/S for a little bit, but figured I might as well start some general posting. Currently I drive a '94 Corolla that has a monsterous 4afe engine with a 5spd tranny. Not much work done so far: front upper strut bar (not that you could have a lower anyway), and a short ram intake (which I say is for better gas mileage ;)). If all goes well this summer I plan on swapping in a 4AGZE from a AE101 Levin front clip.

Basic sound system as well including an older Sony deck, stock speakers(plans for those later), and two Sony 12's in an MDF sealed enclosure with a Sony 1200watt amp. Notice its all Sony? Haha, gotta love discount packages. I plan on doing a bit of audio at some point after my project this summer.
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