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My mane is Luis Pantoja but every body calls me P

I drive a (Bad Ass) 2003 Superwhite Corolla S

My current mods:
El Prototype Headers
TRD Exhaust
Mod Chip
Headlights (Bulbs): SYLVANIA
Rear Lights: Chrome Altezza
Pedals: MOMO
Shift Knob: MOMO
Short Shifter: TWM
Tires: Toyo
Rims: Mille Miglia
Amplifier: Kenwood
Head Unit: Kenwood
Mid-Range Speakers: Kenwood
Subwoofers: Kenwood
Wiring: Monster
Lowering Springs: Eibach

Future Mods:
Currently Researching if I can get a Celica GT-S engine to fit my lil Rolla.
Super or Turbo Charger

Look at my car and feel free to tell me what you think of it!!

Don't forget to Vote!!!!


my name isn't really Bob
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welcome to TN:cool:

thats a pretty hot rolla. the gts engine fits, thats what the new corolla XRS has, do you guys not get that over there? its awd to:thumbup:

you need to mount that gun on your roof, that would be pretty bad ass:D

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New Engine

Hey Fresco Bob, What's up?
When I got my Rolla I had to special order. I had the first American Spec Rolla in Germany :D . If I try to get a GT-S engine I will have to special order it too. I still haven't found any prices. Being that I am in Iraq it is needless to say that connectivity out here sucks.

I also wonder the difference between the XRS and a 03 Corolla S .

It would probably be better for me to trade in for an XRS and just wait for the chargers to come out.

I was thinking about a Solara but wifey is in ove with the Corolla. I have a really strong feeling that the Solara will be my next ride.

As for the M240 (Gun), I'm already working on a mound for it, lol

Have a good 1 !!!

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Loving that corolla and it's a S. I knew those rims looked familiar. Remember seeing them on and wanting them. Once again you have a very nice Rolla.

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Welcome.... And I guess you like kenwood products???

Nice ride and nice colour choice!

Have fun here on TN!


The terrorist
1990 Corolla SR5
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nice looking car.. I love that TRD sticker you have on the side that looks like it's peeling of because of speed..

very nice touches
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