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Wheel Balance

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Got a Question that i hope someone can answer... I want to paint my aftermarket wheels Gloss Black with Duplicolors wheel paint, there starting to rust after the person who owned it before me neglected to wash and polish them. I was always able to keep up on the maintenance but last winter when my head gasket failed it sat for 3 months, now the wheels are to far gone (pitting). So i want to sand them down and paint them before winter hits this year. My problem is that for one my truck never has any down time so ill probably have to do one wheel at a time, which is no big deal. My biggest question is the wheel weights. I want to take the wheel weights off the fronts of the wheels so that when i paint them i wont have to do touch ups the next time i get my tires rotated and balanced. So my question is if i take the weights off. how much of a difference am i going to feel while driving. In other words, how much do those little weights keep things in balance. My tire size is 31in and my wheel size is 15in. If i take the weights off is it going to shack me to death at 65 MPH.
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Probably not going to shake you to death, but that does depend on how unbalanced your tires are from the manufacturer. If they are good tires, the rubber should be evenly distributed. If you have crap tires, there could be a lot more weight on one side.
Depends on how much weight is on them. what you can do is get a tire chalk or tire crayan and mark on the tire where the weights were, then put them back on with a soft mallet. course the weights will take the paint off the rims so i guess you're kinda stuck either way. best bet is to get them balanced with sticky weights which may or may not be feasible depending on the rim. I could do them just fine at the shop I used to work at, but it's too far and too late.
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