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I am trying to find some off-road wheels that are maybe 18x10 for my tundra, I am eventually going to throw a 6" lift on there and cannot find wheels I like for my troka..... Anyone have links?

Smoething like these...

And please none of that ugly blinging 20-22s with off-road tires...... I think that is horrid.

I am looking for some welds or real wheels..... but then again I am not in hawaii. lol

Thank you my people!!

PS, no links to tundrasolutions either, I am not liking that site for some reason.

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Wait a second, Milt.....I thought you're keeping the Tundra stock. I guess you need to mod it "out of necessity" :naughty: haha

I guess I won't recommend that TRD alloy, the one from this thread because it's 22", can't really fit off-road tires and don't think they come in 18". Otherwise a solid understated look :)

The cookie-cutter wheels in your post looks good too :thumbup:
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