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Wheel size: Comfort versus handling versus power loss...

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Questions about a 96 Corolla DX wheel upgrade...

I know going plus-size on the wheels and ensmallening the tires preserves overall size, increases handling, and decreases comfort levels inside the car due to the smaller, stiffer sidewalls. I also know that bigger wheels generally translate into greater unsprung weight, and this is obviously a bad thing.

My question is at what point the ride comfort begins to become degraded further than would be considered generally acceptable for a daily driver?

Looking on TireRack shows me a wide variety of 14" wheels...well, those are stock diameter and I already have an aftermarket set of those on the car. (Kosei Racing...a nice style, looking much like my old Superiors.) 15" is probably still too close to stock to be worth the upgrade. 16" we're talking, but I can't find a style that I like.

However, there's a 17" wheel that weighs less than the 16"s, has the perfect style, and is in a great price range.

Given that the eventual suspension setup of the Corolla is going to wind up being a set of KSport coilovers (either Kontrol Pro or GT Pro--7k/5k rates, I believe, non-progressive, although I do have a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs) and the available engine power is going to be roughly doubled from stock, and that I do still want to preserve comfort for long road trips, is 17" just too big?

Thanks in advance.
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Difficult to measure in regards to comfort for everyone will likely have their own opinion. There will be trade off as you have stated with each step and you will feel the bumps more. We have gone as high as 18" fitments on the car. I do have notes that 17 and 18 inch fitments will be very tight in the rear in regards to fender clearance. This could become more of an issue once the car is lowered. Give me a call or send a PM if you want to discuss the details.
Thanks for your feedback, Kyle. I'll shoot you a call or private message once I'm to the point in this project where wheel upgrading happens. =)
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