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Wheel/Tire swap.... will it work??

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Hey all, a friend of mine is lucky enough to have a 2010 Camry hybrid..... she upgraded her rims, and I was wondering if her stock rims and tires would fit on my Cam? i think she said the tires were 16 inch......... sure would look alot better than the stock hubcabs..... and what difference would it make with the ride/drive???

im at 108k and its still running like a new one..........
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the bolt pattern is the same but the offset is higher - but it still might fit. test fit one on the back and make sure the tire doesn't touch the strut at all. make sure that once the lugnuts are tight you can freely spin the wheel (obviously with parking brake disengaged). they are also a little taller tire, so your speedo will be off a hair, but it's pretty trivial. get the tire size from your friend and google the "miata tire size calculator" to see just how far off your speedo will be.

btw - i thought my 98 had low mileage with only 126k on it...
^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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