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Looking to upgrade the tires/wheels on my 95 T-100 extra-cab 2WD. Truck currently has the dealer installed 15X7 Enkei wheels with 235-75-15 Michelin LTX. Although these tires and wheels are in very good shape, want to try something a little bigger.

I've been looking at some factory 17" 4-Runner wheels on ebay and think they would look great. Question: Will 17" wheels fit ok on the T-100? I want to maintain a stance similar to what it has now. What size tires would work best with 17's on this truck? Anybody else made this swap and can offer any advice? I know this would affect my speedo but not sure by how much? Any other ill effects?

Thanks and if anybody is interested in the Enkei's, let me know and I'll send pics. Would love to see pictures of a 2WD T-100 running 17's....THanks again.
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