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Wheels for 96

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I just bought a 96 Camry LE. It has 14" wheels on it, and since it needs tires I was thinking of moving to 15" wheels. Can anyone tell me if there are factory steel wheels that will fit, and also what size tire should I go with? I don't want to get into any suspension mods, I'd just it to ride a bit higher. Thoughts would be appreciated.

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Try Lots of cheap wheels. Great for old cars.
The correct way to go higher would be suspension mods.

Increasing wheel size without lowering profile of the tire will make your speedo read lower than actual.

Blah,blah, blah.

Use the Search for more information and links on how to do it right.
Well you could upgrade to stock 15's i think they are on the XLE camry's I doubt you would have issues with your speedo but i could be wrong.

Amerikim i dont think thats always true tho. if i had the stock 14's steelies and when to 17's with the right tires wouldn't the speedo read like nearly the same. maybe .06% off ? if i got the 225/45/17

thats what I said. If you increase size, you have to lower your profile.

For example; i had 205/65 r15 as standard, I went 215/50 r17 to have a close match to my rolling size. My speedo is 0.1% fast.

One of the easiest calcs to use was;


edit: I forgot to add that the original post is about raising the cars height by going to larger wheels.
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oh ok sorry i miss read it. i thought you meant. increasing wheel size without loweing the car. but you said profile sorry about that.
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