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One question we see a lot on communities like this and from consumers online is "When should I replace my tires?".

Deciding on exactly when to replace your tires is a key decision for any vehicle owner, and the quick answer is usually before you really need to. In a perfect world, you want to make that choice before events overtake you, or force your hand. But the truth is there are many factors which determine when the right time has come to swap your old tires for new ones.

With these factors in mind, Tirescanner has published a concise guide on the best time to replace tires.

You can read the guide on our website, but in short we cover these key factors :
  • Replacement due to age of your tires
  • Replacement depending on miles driven
  • Replacement due to tire condition
  • How road conditions influence tire replacement
  • The type of vehicle you drive makes a difference
  • Replacement after damage to tires
  • Other signs of potential danger to look out for
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