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When to upgrade suspension & Exhaust system

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...I've searched google but wanted to hear from previa-owners as well:

1.What's the best way to test the shocks/struts if they need to be replaced?

2. I had the flexible pipe welded late last year to seal an exhaust leak. What the best way to check the exhaust system? Should I just replace the front and back cat or get a whole new system?

Any inputs will be appreciated....
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A tried and true method for testing a shock it to place your weight on a corner of the vehicle and then let it back up. If it bounces up and down more than once, you have a weak shock. Leaking oil on the side of the shock is another signal. Also, how is the body lean on fast cornering?

An old style method for testing the exhaust system. With the car running, take a plumbers plunger and press it fully against your tail pipe. If the exhaust gas pushes the plunger back, your exhaust system is okay. If not, you have a leak someplace and a visual inspection may be in order.

Good luck.
cover the tailpipe with a rag and listen for leaks. struts generally last a while on the Previa but the mounts start to knock.
Got the dreaded Previa exhaust whistle?
Got the dreaded Previa exhaust whistle?
...yup! and I like it!.........sounds like an F-16 on acovert mission.....he3
Happens to many a previa, and even toyota themselves has yet to know what it is...on my pops previa we'd just pretend it was the warp phasers charging up :D
The exhaust whistle doesn't tell you if the exhaust is bad however. If you read up on older posting of Previas on other sites, you'll find them developing the noise with as little as 15-20,000 miles when they were new. One of mine whistles (140K miles) while the other (162K miles) does not. Go figure.
exactly...hence why no one can figure out what it is :eek:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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