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As i look at my wallpaper collection I have to ask u guys this question. Why is it only other imports have wallpapers all over the net. Where are my favorite camrys. Sure toyota nation has a picture section but 95% of those resolutions are not for wallpapers... unless u tile it or stretch it... which makes it look"f"uped.

I'm calling out everyone with a non stock camry to take some pics in the proper resolution and lets start a wallpaper section. If possible widescreen resolution (1280x800 in particular) too and even psp wallpapers too (i maybe pushin my luck now but wat the heck)... With the toyota nation logo and everything...

We can start posting them in here until we can get a dedicated wallpaper section or something...

I would start it off but i'm not ridin on rims.. yet :D

I know i cant be the only person @ the nation to want some camry wallpapers :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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