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Where did you buy your performance brakes? (rotors and pads)

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and what kind are your brakes and how do they perform? I tried purchasing new brake sets for my car cause mine were shot. If possible, please post where you bought the items from. Cause the retailer i orderd from was unreliable.

the day after i ordered, i recieved an email that stated "As a result of high demand, the your order is being shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow approximately 10-14 business days for shipment."

so i waited for 2 weeks; no delivery yet and no updates from the retailer or the manufactuer. (in the meantime i drove a pos 93 maxima because my car was immobilized :sosad: ).

the next day i called to to cancel my order cause i couldnt afford waiting any longer. and that i bought new pads and rotors at a local parts store (OEM). they gave me a hard time to cancel the order cause its already "processed"; they had to do a request to the manager or somethin. but nothing happend for a few days.

sooo i called again for a complete refund in which they made some progress this time. few hours later i recieve 'Return Confirmation' email. then they gave me credit back for the rotors but not for the brake pads. :cursin: I called again last friday about this. If nothing happens in the next day or so, i will complain again.
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Brembo Blanks/Hawk HPS Street Pads from . Love the brakes, and the service is just as good/reliable.
How about from Ebay? Say a set of TRD Pads...any good?
Don't get TRD pads, they're gonna wear out very fast.
NOTE: Ceramic pad material is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and may have been supplied as Original Equipment. Replacing ceramic brake pads with pads of any other material may result in more brake dust or increased brake-related noise than originally installed pads.

this is what tire rack said for my car idk if that helps anyone but.. here ya go anyways
Brembo Cross Drilled/Brembo Brake Pads = coming in...

I like raybestos PG plus grade rotors

dont waste money on cross drilled or slotted unless you just like the look

there are many pads that are good

Axxis Metal Master
Hawk HPS

Stay away from EBC green stuff, waste of money as well
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hmm i got some no name brand Ceramic pads at advance auto parts, and they work alright for me i guess, haven't noticed too much besides that my rims don't get dirty heh.
99' Camry Le 4cyl. Brembo Crossed Drilled Rotors E-bay $90,($25 Shipping)
yea if your gonna get cross drilled or performance rotors you should use a hard brake pad like ceramic or smthn. I placed regular brake pads on my cross drilled rotors and it was dangerious..! i'm using PBR ceramic brake pads and i got everything from E-top line on e-bay.. however it's also down the street from where i live in toronto
i got my brembo sloted/cross drilled. from ebay. but i run factory toyota pads. you realy dont want hard pads on cross drilled rotors. thay will crack. and toyota pads give of almost no dust
my advice is to stay away from cross drilled rotors. (its been beaten to death a million times on why they suck/dont suck, so i wont start anything here) just stick with OEM rotors and the hawk pads.

also, its good to be buddy buddy with the small local autoparts store owner. great way to get parts for cost :D
brembo rotors from
Fast ship, no problems
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