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I've decided to do an engine and tranny swap.

My beloved Supra is an AUTO (i know, i know.... ), so it's time to go 5 speed (which i'm really ecited about!)

and I have some valve/head/high mileage issues anyway...

So i'm hoping you all can point me towards some people who import quality JDM engines, namely the 7M-GTE...

Does anyone have experiences dealing with Nagano Japanese out of Quebec?

What about Renewed Import in Calgary ?

anyone else?

I have no problem dealing with a reputable supplier in the US, so i'll look into any suggestions you may have. I just don't want the shipping bill to start looking like the engine bill.


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My dad bought a redtop 4A-GE about 3-4 years ago from Lucky Star Japanese Auto Parts here in Toronto.

Don't know if they're reputable or not, as it was just a simple transaction of the engine/tranny. After putting it into the AE92, it ran nice, even though it was originally a bluetop (older, weaker), and T-VIS was brought over and the original bluetop ECU was used :dunno:
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