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Where is the valet switch located on '99 Avalon

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I am trying to disarm my car alarm. We bought the car used, and there are no remote keys. We have to start the engine within 10 seconds of opening a door or the alarm goes off. I have been searching the internet forever to find how to disarm it. There have been many suggestions to push a valet button or toggle switch underneath the dash. I haven't been able to locate a button or switch. Any suggestions??
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Have you checked the owner's manual, online at if you don't have the paper copy?

It very well may be an aftermarket unit, with components located...wherever.
toyotas valet system is a valet key not a switch. unless its an aftermarket system
my 97 does not do that - thank god! the only time i've set mine off is when i opened the hood, which i purposely left unlatched, after driving to the parts store... and once a friend stayed in the car then opened his door, setting it off.

i dunno how any other years (i have a 97) work but it would seem unreasonable, in the extreme, to give a driver only 10 seconds to start the car!
on my 97 i cant figure out and neither can the techs when they can only spend a cplminutes looking for it find the ecm for the alarm/keyless entry system.. i need a new remote but they cant figure out which to give me.. weird i know
valet switch avalon1999 xls

there is none valet switch in this car
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