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Shopping for my very 1st truck... Figured theres no better place to start then Toyota! I like the new Tundras, I've been seeing them on the road a lot. I live near Chula Vista (socal for those who don't know) but work up by camp pendleton so its about a 30 min commute. Got some questions:

-has anyone had any bad electrical experiences with the Tundra?
-does anyone know the hp difference between the V6 and the V8?
-can anyone recommend a dealer? and are obviously the CLOSEST to me, and real convienient. but my son lives up in santa barbara so I'd be willing to drive as far as vallejo for or better yet and in los angeles if the area really makes the difference...
I just want to go somewhere people have had good experiences!
Anyone know of any better dealers or one's you have had experience with??


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V6: 236hp
4.7L V8: 276hp
5.7L V8: 381hp

if you opt for the 4.7liter i recommend you look for the 4.6 instead. it's rated at 310hp with better mpg.
you can check that website out for reviews, but of all you listed i've heard great reviews for hollywood toyota.

i'd deal with their internet fleet sales and get price quotes from each dealership. whoever gives you the lowest price ask the other dealers if they can beat it. you can also check newspapers on saturdays as dealers will bombard it with ads.

btw, :welcome: to TN!
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