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Where to find Tercel Parts ?

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I'm from Quebec, and i wanted to know, where can i find cheap parts for my car. Because In quebec most parts are over priced like 275$ for my rad... stuff like that is really getting to me, And i wanted to know where you guys get your parts
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Any will do

I'm looking for all of them but mostly stock or aftermarket, since somthime performance is a little expensive :)

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I usually get stock parts from junkyards. Best resource we got.

Especially for your 1991-1994 guys, there are tons of 'em out there.

Aftermarket, you just gotta look and listen. More specifically, ask again when you are looking for a certain aftermarket part. Also check the's classifieds section.

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I'm selling a couple of parts in there. Like a 5E-FHE intake manifold and a stock 1991-1994 Paseo anti-sway bar that'll fit any 1991-1999 Tercel (it comes with complete endlinks made of Toyota OEM lock nuts, bolts, washers, and has Energy Suspension poly urathane bushings). :D
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junkyards are a great place to find replaceent parts.
As for aftermarket, just hang out around here and and youll quickly see whats available from where and for how much


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