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Where To Get 8000k HID bulbs?

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Anyone know where i can get myself a deal on a set of 8000k HID bulbs... D2R prefer but D2S is ok too...

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Well you can try getting a hold of one of are vendors called

Or try Pacific mall there is a couple of shops in there.. Just say the othe one over on the other side qouted me the price of whatever and they will try to beat it...

Alright thanks!:p:
i don't think there's 8000k D2S/R bulb out there.
even if you can find them, they are most likely to be made in Taiwan which will not last you for a long time.

always stick with Philips or Osarm HID bulbs !
if you want nice blue color. Try to Philips 6000k bulb. =)

you can find it on ebay. or xenondepot

good luck
Isn't 8000k pretty much purple and defeating the purpose of HID's?
Lasting long isn't a problem... i just wanna try it:p:
I already have 6000k before and they went out that's why i wanna try something new...:p:

There's LOTS of street lights in the GTA area... i wouldn't have to worry about losing a bit of light going to 8000k...;)
Vato Loco said:
Isn't 8000k pretty much purple and defeating the purpose of HID's?
Yes, as the color temp increases the amount of lumens (visible light) decreases. The optimal color temp (factory equipped) is ~4300K bright white/ bluish.

Phillips 6000K are the shiz, with 8000K D2r/s Korean bulbs you never really know what you are getting.
4100k/4300k + custom projectors for light

Anything past 6000K and you're just dumb.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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