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Where to get my wipers fixed?

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Hi all

I know that the topic of busted wipers has been covered before, but I need some more specific information.

My wipers have seized up and aren't working anymore, so I find it unsafe to drive on the road if there is a chance of rain. I have already contacted a Toyota dealership and even with a discounted price on the replacement parts, the total cost after labour will be about $430 :eek: I know, I know....dealerships are a ripoff, so that is why I'm asking all of you TNers if there's any way of getting it done for cheaper. I would do it myself, but I don't have the proper instruction on how to remove the linkage, install the joints, etc.

Basically, I'm asking for help...major help. :( I wanna get this done before school starts. Please....someone point me in the right direction. Much appreciated!

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is it the motor or the linkages?
this is how it goes together
you most remove the wiper arms and cowl to get to the motor-to-arm link connection. you can actually remove the whole thing if you need to. i hope this helps

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I can actually take the whole thing apart myself? perfect! Now, would it be possible to get a clearer pic from you or anyone else? Is the linkage a whole piece, or seperate pieces? Also, I ran into the problem of removing the linkage from the motor (in your pic, the joint right near the words "wiper motor")....can't seem to remove it. Is there a special way to take it off, or just a bit of force?

2wickedtoys...if I can really do this by myself, then you've just saved me a sh!tload of money!! :D :thumbup: If possible, PM me with a clearer pic and maybe some instructions please? Thanks a lot!!

pm me ur email and ill send u the scan from my chilton...u should be able to read it with paint or windows image viewer...its a regular .jpg (the page is too big of a scan to post)

make sure u pick up a chilton or haynes...really good tool for times like this...this page is free next time im charging u :rolleyes:
you should be able to pop it off the arms are serarate from the brakets they need convincing to get off. but i would remove the cowl to see if anything is messed up if not then i miht be the motor itself and there should be a 10mm nut holding the arm on
Dude, one word. RAIN-X! I never use my wipers. I wax my car every two weeks, and apply rain-x every thursday. It doesn't even rain on my windsheild. It actually works better than wipers, for me at least.
^ bro, I DO use Rain-X.....but that's prolly one of the reasons that my wipers are mised...b/c I don't use them enuf. Besides, that stuff only works well in medium rainstorms....doesn't work too well in that light stuff and the spray from other cars, and it's not too good at low speeds (anything under 60km/h = 40mph).

Ikon...u got PM! And thx...I intend on getting a Chiltons/Haynes :)
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