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where's the hp?

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Alright, so, i've decided not to do a swap in my car, i'm gonna just stick with the 7A-FE, and i'm not even going to bother trying to figure out a wasy to supercharge or turbo charge, i'm gonna keep it naturally aspirated. I do want to unlock a few ponies though. i've got a short ram, not much gain if any at all there, but what else can be done other than turbo/sc? are there aftermarket cams for a 7A-FE? i know stickers add up to like, 35 hp, haha! i know also that headers an exhaust don't do too much either, and i know i'm not going to get anything like 50+ hp, i just want to know what to do for a little extra "oomph" Thanks!
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ive heard intakes which u have, umm maybe an exhaust? thats all I can think of except supercharger/turbo.
yeah man, basically the 7afe is worthless, thats what peoples been saying all this time, and after a long time researching the 7afe i guess thats all the advice i can give to you, if you're looking for real power go swap or force induction, otherwise a naturally asipirated 7afe is slow with basic bolt ons
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