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Which 22R Cylinder Head to buy

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I have an 82 4x4 SR5 22R engine and need to replace the cylinder head. A company on eBay says that I need to determine if the intake has 15 versus 20 bolts in order to buy the correct head. I can't count the bolts w/o taking apart the carb, etc. Is there anyway I can know which head to buy using the engine number? or, is there another way to know this?
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a 22r head is a 22r head..they all have the same bolts....if the head on ebay is for a 22r, and you have a 22r, then you are in luck Mister!
There is a difference; any 22R can be a 22R if it's carbed, regardless of whether it's an early or late style. What you need to do is get one that has the round exhaust ports instead of the (late style) pear-shaped ports. Hope that helps.
Yeah, you need an 81-84 carbed head. 22r(e) heads from 85+ have a different deck hight as well as a different combustion chamber due to the use of of dished pistons.
do as they say.

I fell into this problem and ended up having machine work done to 2 heads and I now have a useless (to me) 81-84 head with about $200 into it. I needed the 85+ head but did not find out untill it was too late.
Screw ebay.

Go to
Best prices and service, period.
And Ted knows his stuff on 22R's and 3.0's.

And as they said, 81-84 22R head and block are different from 85+ 22R/RE's.
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