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Which Car Magazine is the Best?

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I was wondering what Car Magazine people find to be the best? By that I basically mean least annoying! Lots of these magazines will make crazy statements like "The new Honda Odyssey we don't like because it doesn't handle like a Miaita!" Not that it's direct quote but I'm sure people understand what I'm talking about. I mean that's not why you are reviewing a Minivan! Most of these guys have their heads so far up their a** they can't like anything but a sports car. I'm sure a lot of people want a Miata, but lets be real.

My point is a lot of these Car Reviewers miss the point of reviewing cars for regular people. They resent having to review cars outside of what they'd like to be testing. I know that the Camry is always considered a bad car by these magazines, but does it matter what they say? It's the best selling car because of the reliability, quality, value, and fit and finish. It reaches a very large demographic and serves the need of people very well. They don't take consumers interests into their reviews which always surprises me. I find this across the board for a lots of different cars.

Personally I find ConsumerReports is the best at being unbiased and giving consumers the info they need about cars. I don't always agree with them or their ratings but I find them the most informative and helpful. I find Car and Driver the worst. Those guys hate everything that doesn't go fast! When I've looked at Automobile and Road and Track they seem to be less like that, and offer a nice blend of "People's Cars" and "Dream Cars!" They also seem to offer more comprehensive reviews.

I'm curious! What do other people think about this? Do you particularly like a certain Magazine to others? If you subscribe to a Magazine which one and why? What do you like or dislike about a particular Magazine?
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When I was subscribing to Motor Trend, they weren't very biased compared to Car and Driver. I like Car and Driver and have been subscribing for almost 8 years, but they have always tended to be quite biased. Any comparison with a BMW 3-series, well we all know who wins; same with the Honda Accord (on rare occasions, another midsize car might win; but thats rare). But, they have some really funny columns and its just a good read IMO.
Grassroots Motorsports.
Custom Classic Trucks and Classic Trucks.

I read enough of the new car comparison BS from all the car mags on the 'net.

I have a subscription to MT (I got an email offer for a year for $10) and I don't think I'm going to renew...
I like the articles in Road and Track........
Car and Driver

Road and Track

Motor Trend

These three are the best since they are the most comprehensive in their reviews and have the best insight.
Tom Ford from Fifth Gear for a honest review.

Top gear for a car mag - at least they are honest in their bias towards British cars and they want to entertain rather than tell you which car to choose.

For a printed mag I once read "Bilmagasinet", but they turned into a Danish version of Car and Driver.

What about least favorite?
The Truth about Cars wins that category IMO. Read a single (non Porsche) review and you will know why. (I even think some of the GM fans will agree with me on this)
Car and Driver.....hands down. I am sorry, but the comment about them not liking fast cars is not only wrong, but it's absurd.

A few months ago in the same issue, they had compared a MX5 (Miata) vs. a Solstice, and another article had a Viper vs. Z06 Corvette. They talked about how in the real world, the slower MX5 and Solstice are actually more fun and better on many levels, because you can use all the performance.

Also MANY times C&D picks a slower car as a winner of a comparison test. 13 year old kids bitch to them every month about why a faster car got 2nd or 4th place.........when the fact is a faster car isn't always a better car.

--Now here is where I concede that C&D probably isn't a magazine for a non-enthusiast. First of all C&D, MT, R&T etc never picks a winner based on "projected" reliability. And personally I'm glad they don't. Another thing, C&D isn't afraid to rev a manual car at starts of acceleration runs....where CR never slips the clutch. Do you see a conflict of interest right there? One is trying to extract maximum performance, the other is concerned about reliability. Take your pick.....neither is wrong.

My real problem with Consumer Reports is the fact that a Geo Prism is rated lower than a Toyota Corolla (even though they are built at the same factory. Same thing with Pontiac Vibe vs. Toyota Matrix. Same thing with Ford Probe vs. Mazda MX6 etc. Perhaps "owners/subscribers" have their own biases, and it shows in "survey results". The whole Suzuki Samurai flipping scandal, and more recently the child car-seat fiasco turned me off for good.
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Which Car Magazine is the Best? A car magazine without the name "Car & Driver".
Which Car Magazine is the Best? A car magazine without the name "Car & Driver".
or "road & track"
or "super sport"
or "modified" anything
I like Car and Driver but let the subsciption run out. My 2% raises at the freaking railroad can't keep pace with the cooler cars they test. I'll just scan e-bay for old beaters I can dream about building up. I have a co-worker who talks my ear off about all these new 80k rides and crap.... phew.
Autoweek, it's a television program that reveiws the cars.
Autoweek, it's a television program that reveiws the cars.
tv =/= printed magazine.
^^^ :thumbup::lol: Failure to read as usual.
Was that a disparaging remark Echo, or are you just a douche?

Besides, subscriptions and the time it takes to read a magazine or magazines, makes them quite unfit for many.
but this is a thread talking SPECIFICALLY about MAGAZINES, not TELEVISION. he's quite in the right, unless you really just didn't care about sticking to the topic at hand.
Was that a disparaging remark Echo, or are you just a douche?
I dunno, you be the judge :lol:

But you see, your choice wouldn't have failed if you didn't mention "television program," since Autoweek is a weekly magazine that one can buy from newsstands.

Besides, subscriptions and the time it takes to read a magazine or magazines, makes them quite unfit for many.
Wow, didn't know it "takes time" to read something, so I wonder how you could even bother with forums like this one. Or maybe you're inept to read much, hence the "failure to read" remark. It says a lot about one's willingness to read anything, when one's too lazy to learn how to drive a manual (even though not being a handicap).
Stay calm guys! LMFAO! ;)
^^^ I'm as calm as Hillary's snatch ;)
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