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Which color window tint should I get?

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Which Color Tint on Metallic Grey?

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Ok I have a 2009 Corolla XRS Metallic Grey/Charcoal color I live in a Suburb outside of Chicago and I am going to get my windows tinted. I called this tinting place
He's tinted over 30,000 Cars and
he has 3 different colors Black, Charcoal, Smoke

Which color would you go with on my car?
He charges $260 def Steep I know! but the Mexicans in the city want $200 and they use the cheapest film you can buy. So hears a picture of my car what you think?

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Not sure about the difference in the Black and Charcol but I'd go with a Dyed film tint on the Metallic Gray. Dyed is a dark black colour compared to the Metallic tints that have a more reflective(mirror like) look to them.
regardless of colour, just make sure you get a life-time warranty on the film.
The thing about tinting is not so much in the color itself, but the quality, brand name and materials used in the window film you're looking at. Dyed film is easily prone to turning purple or bubbling. Metallic films can interfere with GPS navigation and satellite radio reception. And if you have any of those installed on your car, you're best bet would be to go with a ceramic based tint.

Lifetime warranty on a crappy window film doesn't make it any better. The shop probably won't even be around anymore by the time you have a problem in this economy.

I would recommend that you also take a look at Formula One, Huperoptik or 3M-based shops.
huperoptik are expensive right?
Huber Optik is high quality ceramic film so yes, it is expensive. I am also looking to tint my Magnetic Gray S but I still have not decided. From the research I have done this is what I have found:

Metallic: high heat reduction, somewhat reflective, potential glare, extremely resilliant to scratches/scuffs, low risk of discoloration/fading (metallic component creates dark color, not dye), inexpensive, problems with signal interference (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, cell phone, AM radio, some keyless entry)

Carbon: high heat reduction (about 10% less than metallic), not very reflective, no glare, highly resilliant to scratches/scuffs, small risk of discoloration/fading (film is dyed to achieve color but this is still far different than old polyester-dyed tint), inexpensive (similar to metallic), no signal interference

Ceramic: highest heat reduction, not very reflective, no glare, highly resilliant to scratches/scuffs, low risk of discoloration/fading (ceramic component creates dark color, not dye), expensive (about twice the cost of metallic/carbon), no signal interference

Most higher quality tints will come with a warranty but pay attention to their length and what they cover. Some cheap tints come with 1 or 3 year warranties versus a lifetime with better tints. Shops can sometimes give you the option of a lifetime warranty but it may cost more so be careful. Good warranties will cover bubbles, delamination (layer separation), crazing (fine cracks), adhesive failure, cracking, and peeling but the best warranties will also cover against fading and discoloration. Some shops offer "no fault" warranties to cover damage or window replacements but this is NOT from the tint manufacturer, so if the shop closes you are screwed. Keep in mind also that the warranty covers the tint film - not the labor, you will most likely pay to have your tint fixed (unless the shop owner is nice or you originally bought it from them).

Some tint shops use a computer-controlled plotter to cut the tint to the factory specifications of your window, this may increase the price of the tint job. Many shops still use hand cutting to fit the tint. Some people feel the plotter is more exact but other feel hand cutting ensures a perfect fit because it is custom - you can decide. Opinions of quality are mixed on which method is better, it honestly should not matter if the person installing the tint knows what they are doing. A bad job is a bad job regardless of who cut the film.

Honestly across the board most new tints are fairly similar but if you are in to the small details then those differences will matter. Many new tints, regardless of material, are very unlikely to fade or discolor. I am considering getting SunTek Carbon 35% all around on my car, I was quoted $99 (scarily cheap in my opinion) but I am not sure if that includes a lifetime warranty. The tint shop I will most likely use has been around for a long time.

Sorry for the long post but hope it helps. If anyone wants to add/correct what I have said let me know. Maybe we should make a tint sticky? :naughty:
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if i remember it right huber optik in vancouver canada quoted me over the phone on the corolla last year to a staggering $750.00 with a lifetime no worry warranty on all tint materials and tint jobs.
I got my back windows are tinted to 5%. Headlights, fogs, hood, fenders all 3M. All together cost me a little over $500 with lifetime warranty.
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