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Which Motor oil is the Best??

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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew which motor oil is the best for the corolla.......I use castrol synthetic, but I want to switch to Amsoil......but i'm unsure.

Sure Amsoil claims they are "the first" and best etc.......and so does Mobil 1 with their tri-synthetic formula........but which one is truly the Best?

Toyota least in my area "recommend Mobil1" for synthetics.....but I think it has to do more with just sponsership than quality...

Anyone any recommendations, horror stories etc....????
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I'm using Mobil 1 Synt S right now in 5W-40... its ok, does what its supposed to.
Personally, I would go with Castrol.. Yes I know i am a little bias because one of my main sponsors was castrol in my rally days, but to be honest i've used just about everything else in my car or others car and found that the Castrol does tend to hold up the best. (they're also what first comes in a Toyota when it rolls out of the production line)

But whatever you do, dont go with Penrite.. it is a good oil for race use, where it's taking a beating, but in everyday use it tends to thicken up and lose its lubrication quite quickly *edit* in race use it gets changed quite often too.
Check out Bob is the Oil Guy forum.

Castrol GTX, maybe not, but any conventional oil used for 5000km is good.

Castrol (Imported from Germany) is lauded there. But, there is a section where the oil components (additives) are explained and can be another deciding factor for your usage.

More DATA!!
For my street car: Mobil1
for track beater: nothing but motul.
I use Royal Purple

Went to the track with it.
sonyminidiscman said:
I use Royal Purple

Went to the track with it. i have my answer. it's OIL!:D :lol:
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