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Which New Muffler?

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I am thinking about getting a new muffler.

I want a sti, wrx, srt-4, ss cobalt, type exausht note.

the low tone.... not the typical rice sound. somehting with some throattyness.

Which type exausht should i get. Mine sounds okay now but i want a more "tuned" sound.

If anyone could put some links to there exausht video or sound.

P.S. i think i am spelling exausht wrong so can someone school me how to spell exausht.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ohh yeah its a 93 I4... i guess that would help a lot too....:lol:
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Exhaust. Your not gonna get a WRX sound from any other vehicle because its a Boxer style engine. It fires differently than other engines. SRT4's have no cat's, thats why they are low and throuty. Your not gonna get any narly low tone from a 5sfe ever really so just go off what people who have that actual muffler on their car and know first hand say...
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