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1988 Corolla SR-5
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All depends on what he wants as far as performance, and how much work he is willing to put into the swap.

Have you done a search on these engines? There are posts that discuss each of these on here.
You might have to be creative on the title you put in, as sometimes the title doesn't match the post or question ............. Like this one. Another place to look is in the Corolla Lounge, of the Corolla forums section, for some older posts.
There is also a common engine swap guide in the Corolla lounge.

The blacktop has good hp but is weak on bottom end torque. You really need to spin it to move.
The 4AGZE has good torque but a little less hp than the blacktop.
The 3SGTE has good hp and torque, but is heavier and might upset the handling of the car, depending on what kind of driving he is planning on doing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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