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which one scantool or code readers

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hey guys i was thinking of buying a Max-Scan Professional Live CAN OBD-II/EOBD Code Scanner do you know if there any good does the scanner just pick up codes if the engine light is on or would it pick something up without a light on the dash i have no lights up on my car but it is running badly for a while now low idle stalling cleaned and checked most things need to sort it but would love a scanner or code reader whats the difference between them or are they the same thing which scanners are the best and would my car be a OBD2 its a irish 2005 corolla terra
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Don't know much about that product. I have a scangauge II that is quite a bit smaller. You can run it in your car as a gauge. It reads out most engine parameters live like ignition timing, throttle position sensor. It reads and clears codes.
Cost is about $160 I think.

Their faq states most countries have gone to OBDII or EOBD but you wouldneed to have that sorted out. I got mine off Amazon.
if you want something a little more user friendly, also consider the PX Kiwi. Its supposed to work just like the scan gauge, but with real time information on acceleration and shows you how to drive to save gas. Average person saves 20% in gas.. i think its cool just cause it looks better than the scangauge and is really tiny
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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