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which one should I Purchase?

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I am interested in buying a 2005 Corolla. I looked at all the options and the Corolla S type was what got me hooked first, THEN I found out two days later that I could get a Corolla XRS. I found out that it basically has the same motor as the Celica GTS. It is VVT-LI instead of its counterpart, the Corolla type S, which is just VVT-I. I know that the compressions are very different. 11:9:1 compression on the Corolla XRS, and 9:7:3 compression on the Rolla type S, or something around those numbers. What is better for a supercharger or turbo? I know you can supercharge from the factory (TRD) the lower compressed Corolla type S, but is the XRS better b/c it has the variable valve timing plus LIFT?I have rode in a new celica GTS b/c my friends have one, I love the lift b/c it seems to "throw you back in tha seat" when hit on the right rpmage, its a strong motor. so what I am asking you guys is, if you had a choice, what car would you go with? Because I love these new cars! any input would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd go with the better out of the box, the XRS. Just because if I had the chance to get it, I wouldnt have to worry about superchargers because I wouldnt have the cash left...
thats very true, me and my friend was just discussing this and you are so right. thanks for your input!
well I think I would go with the Corolla S and get a TRD supercharger.. and do all the suspension work, etc by yourself..

With the XRS you only get 127 ftlbs of torque but I believe that with the TRD supercharget you can easily surcome that figure..

Figures from website:

Peak torque is 145 lb.-ft. supercharged @ 4000 RPM
- vs. 125 lb.-ft. stock at 4200 RPM.
• Peak horsepower is 166 HP supercharged @ 6800 RPM
- vs. 130 HP @ 6000 RPM.
• Maximum HP gain @ 6750 RPM = +40HP
• Maximum torque gain @ 4000 RPM = +38

so you loose 4 hp. and you gain 15 ft lbs.. I would rather have the extra 15 lbs :D
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how do i get info on whether to supercharge or turbocharge my corolla 2004S. i heard there are different stages too.
i'm pretty new with this need some help with it.
Id go with the xrs. Its got a 6 speed compared to a 5 speed. Its plenty quick and can be quicker. It has rear disc brakes, stiffer chassis, EBD-electronic brake force distribution, better suspension(but needs to be lower), better seats, nicer exterior details. Too much to list compared to the S. You can build the engine with lower compression and turbo it.
I'd go for the XRS.
my 2 cents....I've driven both and what it really comes down to is how much coin are you willing to throw into a brand new car? If funds will be running short after purchase, then the xrs is the better choice. But if you don't mind spending a few g's and doing major engine mods, when all is said and done the s will prolly be the faster car...BUT, 8200rpm out of the box sure is a great thing ;)
I concur with the xrs.
Keep in mind the TRD Supercharger is about $3,000+ US.
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