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Check all three carefully, but if they all come out the same in terms of overall condition, remember the third is a turbo, and the other two are not. If performance is a goal, it is the easiest starting platform. The other two would take the price difference alone to retrofit properly. The auto to manual swap is also quite simple should you want to do it down the road.


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So.... If I say purchased the middle one, spent 3k on a turbo setup, I would be better off I wouldn't I? I looked at the white one,,, seems kinda bagged and very used.
Havnt had the chance to look at the others yet, Im just trying to think what would be best.. I remember seeing an 87 turbo fully loaded and the coolest thing on it was the TEMS.. ionno do all of these have it or would it just be an option for the turbo model or wha?

Anyways thnx for the input so far.
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