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which or which

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ok extra grandma money, which ones?:

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number 1
i usually got against the flow but this time i'll say number 1.
...what color car you got though?
i like #1 ADR has a bigger lip
just put some good rubber on em.

& extra grandma money?...i don't get it.
Even tho i dont personally like either, if i had to go with one id say Number 1
Number 1

ps you have a pretty nice grandma (or rich as hell).
i was going to get wheels in the 1200 dollar range, but my grandma gave me an extra 250 bucks for a late christmas present so now i can get better wheels. :)

Looks like it is pretty solidly 1.

Hyperblack ADR m-sport it is.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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