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Which 18in Rims for my Gen 3?

  • GF1 multispoke

    Votes: 14 60.9%
  • DM5 5 star

    Votes: 9 39.1%

Which rims to get?

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Trying to decide on my new rims, they will be 18's, either the Enkei DM5 or the GF1.

Which one do I get?



Big pic


big pic
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Man, those multispoke look sweet.

Got a side view of your car? So I can better judge?

But I think the second set have too much going on. Doesn't look the best. The first are tight as hell though. They look like an aftermarket version of the SC rims. I love them!
my vote is for GF1 :)
Personally I like the GF1's more, but the question is what will look better on the gen 3? I have 5 star on there right now and it's pretty sweet.

I dunno, anyone wanna photo chop the gf1's onto my car? That would put an end to the questioning.

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GF1 :thumbup:
I choose the 1st set.

Not a big fan of the Volks look-alikes.
I at first liked the second ones.. can I change my vote after checking out the photoshop pic ;)
Actually I like both but the 1st set looks sweet on your ride:thumbup:
i think the 1st set looks pretty sick:thumbup:
I think you should go with the first set. the second set looks kind of wacky, it wouldn't look right on a camry. you should check out some other rims, centerline, BBS, Konig. go
that website has a interactive wheel system, so you know how the rims would look like on your car.
I vote for the 2nd one. I'm not really into the multi-spoke thing... Also my friend has them on his Corolla, and it looks awesome! It really makes me jealous...
i like cruiser's current rims. they're pretty clean.
^ same here
i'd go for the 5 spoke-DM5
if the 5 spokes didnt look like an immo of the volk racing rims then theyd look good, but as it is the first ones are better imo
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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