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which spray should i use to clean the idle air control valve

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cleaning the throttle body what if the dirt runs into the engine

hi guys i want to clean my throttle body because my car rpms are dropping the past two or three weeks and it tries to stall when I'm stopped at lights or parked i have use fuel system cleaner twice in the past few weeks but it has made no difference should i clean the throttle body and what is the best cleaner for it that is safe for the sensors..and whats the proper way to do it...its a Irish car Toyota corolla saloon 05 1.4...42000 miles on it safe to get the spray inside behind the flap and when you spraying the cleaner and the dirt is running off what if it run down into the engine will it kill the engine on me i don't want to mess the car up....:confused:
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Gumout is a good brand. Be careful with the straw, might shoot off
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